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Habitat Software:

  • Program:,
    Author(s): Peter Ott, Fred Hovey
    Version: unknown
    Last revised: 20 May 1997
    Size: 7 kb each
    OS: all those running SAS
    Archive format: none

    Description: Both SAS programs perform Compositinal Analysis as described in the work by Aebischer et. al. (Ecology. 1993. 74(5): 1313-1325). The programs perform similar calculations but differ in speed and memory requirements. Users should be familiar with their instructions for use. Users must supply data in a format that follows this example.


  • Program: Fragstats
    Author(s): Kevin McGarigal, Barbara Marks
    Version: 2.0
    Last revised: unknown
    Size: 1.2 MB (DOS/Windows), 1.9 MB (Unix)
    OS: DOS/Windows, Unix
    Archive format: zip (DOS/Windows), tar (Unix)

    Description: Fragstats quantifies landscape structure through numerous metrics including: area, patch density, size and variability metrics; edge, shape, core area, and diversity metrics, and contagion and interspersion metrics. Two separate versions of Fragstats exist, one for vector images and one for raster images. The raster version also computes several nearest neighbor metrics. (Fragstats home page, DOS users read this, fragstats usage, developement history)

    Download Fragstats for...

  • Program: MacComp
    Author(s): John Carroll
    Version: 0.9
    Last revised: unknown
    Size: 118 Kb
    OS: MacOS (68000)
    Archive format: hqx

    Description: MacComp performs statistical calculations of an animal's habitat using study area, home range, and radio location data. (more about MacComp)

  • Program: NestCalc
    Author(s): J. W. Atmar, B. D. Patterson
    Version: unknown
    Last revised: 15 July 1995
    Size: 180 Kb
    OS: Windows 95/3.1
    Archive format: self-extracting (exe)

    Description: NestCalc calculates a measure of unexpected species absence/presence among habitat islands (departure from perfect nestedness). In perfectly nested subsets, species inhabiting smaller habitat islands are proper subsets of species in larger habitats. NestCalc uses Monte Carlo simulations to construct species-on-island distributions entirely at random. The program then measures the temperature of randomized matrices, and assesses where the observed temperature fits in the distribution of temperatures from randomized matrices. NestCalc is also available at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

    Atmar, W. and B. Patterson. 1993. The measure of order and disorder in the distribution of species in fragmented habitat. Oecologia. 96:373-382

  • Program: Prefer
    Author(s): Chad Pankratz
    Version: 5.1
    Last revised: October 1994
    Size: 555 Kb (Windows 3.1), 824 Kb (OS/2 2.1)
    OS: Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.1
    Archive format: self-extracting (exe)

    Description: Prefer performs calculations described in Johnson (1980) to determine the preference of J individuals for I components using availability and usage data. Prefer tests the hypothesis that all components are equally preferred through a multiple comparison procedure. (more about Prefer)

    Download Prefer for...

Links to software:

  • Biopak (1156 Kb) computes biomass, area, height, length, and volume of plant components.
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